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After seeing how well a friends senior lab responded to regular acupuncture visits from Dr. Binder, I talked to her about starting treatment for my 11 year-old lab mix as a preventive measure against the stiffness and arthritis of aging. My goal is to provide my dog with the highest quality of life possible by delaying the use of traditional medicine used in treating such conditions. Dr. Binder's recommendation of selected herbs combined with regular acupuncture treatments is yielding wonderful results. She is so gentle with him and he loves her!


Our beloved dog Sadie is a 15 year old German Shepard mix rescue who had been slowing down in walking and was starting to have trouble going up and down stairs. X-rays showed she had severe arthritis in her lower back, both hips, and one elbow. Our vet suggested Dr. Binder/Ashi for acupuncture. 

We needed a long term solution to reduce Sadie's pain, slow the progress of her arthritis, and prolong her enjoyment of life. Dr. Binder hastreated her with therapeutic exercises, acupuncture, deep massage (we joke looks 

like "dog ballet")  and Chinese herbs for her to take daily. We noticed an improvement in Sadie'swalking right away including less tripping on her 

hind legs. She could even jump on our bed again which we really had missed! We couldn't be happier with her continual progress. In addition, Dr. Binder counseled us about Sadie's follow up blood work results, supplements, weight loss program and aqua therapy. We really feel comfortable with her helping us through what's ahead.

When my 10-year-old dog suddenly began having difficulty controlling 

his hind legs, he was diagnosed with severe hip displasia.   

He began taking anti-inflammatory and pain pills which helped with his 

mobility, but did not offer a good long term solution. 

Now, after only 5 months of acupuncture treatments with Dr. Binder, he has improved so much that he no longer requires drugs to once  again enjoy brisk morning walks, squirrel chasing, romping with our grandchildren. He enjoys his visits with Dr. Binder - the insertion of the needles is painless - and we plan to continue the treatments to maintain his health.

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