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Take a load off of you and your pet.
With Ashi.

Ashi is a mobile service - this means we come to you! Like us, our pets are undoubtedly more comfortable in their own home. This will allow them to be more open to the healing exercises and procedures Ashi provides. It's also much more convenient for you, particularly if you are caring for a pet that has mobility issues or anxiety, or it's difficult to keep up with regular rehabilitative veterinary appointments.

A referral from your regular veterinarian is preferred but if you think your pet has a condition that may benefit from Acupuncture and/or Rehabilitative Medicine, feel free to send us an email or give us a call..


Acupuncture aims to restore balance by stimulating specific external points.

Acupuncture is one of the main components of TCVM (traditional veterinary medicine) along with herbal remedies, Tui Na (massage), food therapy and environmental modification. 

TCVM holds the belief that the body naturally wants to achieve balance. When the body goes out of balance, disease or injury result. By placement of tiny needles into specific points, acupuncture helps to stimulate the body to heal itself and regain natural balance. 

Acupuncture is a relatively pain free process that can also be very relaxing to many patients. It can be used in conjunction with Western medicine in an integrated approach.

Acupuncture has been found to be most helpful with orthopedic pain and injury though we also have great success using its principles to treat allergies, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal problems and anxiety. 


Veterinary physical rehabilitation uses techniques taken from the practice of human physical therapy and modifies those techniques for animals.

These techniques include exercises that will stretch the muscles, build strength, and condition pets to make them stronger and have greater endurance for the daily activities of life.

Physical rehabilitation involves the use of different modalities such as neuromuscular electrostimulation (NMES) and therapeutic ultrasound. These modalities can increase the speed of healing for your pet after orthopedic surgeries on hips, elbows, knees, and spine.

Physical rehabilitation also benefits patients with chronic arthritis pain and patients that are out of condition.The benefits of physical rehabilitation are similar to those seen with human physical therapy patients. These include a faster recovery time after orthopedic surgery, faster return to activity after traumatic injury or fracture, improved function after a neurologic injury, an increased ability to take on the daily activities of living, and a greater overall quality of life.



Ultrasound is a method of stimulating the tissue beneath the skin's surface using very high frequency sound waves. These sound waves can speed up the healing process by increasing blood flow in the treated area, decreasing pain by reducing swelling/edema and gently massaging the muscles tendons and/ or ligaments in the treated area. It can also soften and break up scar tissue.


"Cold" laser therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near infared) to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal. It is used to reduce pain, increase circulation and reduce swelling as well as accelerate tissue regeneration.






or exam

Follow-up visit      1 hour              | $115

(acupuncture/rehab only)

Package of 4 follow up visits        | $420

(acupuncture/rehab only)

Follow up visit       1 hour            | $140

(laser + acupuncture + rehab)

Package of 4 follow up visits        | $500

(acupuncture + laser +  rehab)

Laser only session     varies          | $75  


Laser only (package of 5)            | $350                             


Prices include all related acupuncture or rehabilitative treatments as indicated by diagnosis. No hidden fees.


Additionally, home visit transportation fee is also included, within a 18-mile radius of Charlotte area code 28205. Additional fees will be charged for home visits outside this radius.

Prices do not include any Chinese herbs or other recommended supplements.

1 to 1/2 hours | $165


The manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques. This can help to reduce pain, enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability and promote relaxation and well-being.


These include stretching, flexibility, and endurance exercises designed to increase the strength of muscles and bones, and decrease the risk of future injuries to the body.



This is a form of acupuncture where a small electric current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles. This practice augments the use of regular acupuncture, can restore health and well-being, and is particularly good for treating pain.



A form of acupuncture in which liquid vitamin B12, saline or Adequan is injected into the acupuncture points. This helps to stimulate these points on a longer term basis.



Depending on the ailment or injury, there are many herbal remedies that can be very effective adjunct treatments.


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